For the Comparative Indo-European Linguistics specialization:

1) Go to the Schedules page.

2) Click on the third tab ‘Linguistics (MA)‘ next to ‘General’ and ‘Humanities’.

3) Scroll down to ‘MA Linguistics‘ and click on it.

4) Make a choice between ‘Timetable First Semester‘, ‘Exam Timetable First Semester‘, ‘Timetable Second Semester‘, or ‘Exam Timetable Second Semester‘.

The timetables show courses other than those aimed at the Comparative Indo-European Linguistics program as well. All courses specifically focussed at Comparative Indo-European Linguistics can be found in the Prospectus.

This page provides information about timetables for the one-year MA Linguistics program, but its courses can also be taken within the two-year MA Linguistics (Research) program.