Dr. T.C. Pronk

Assistant Professor

Profile summary

Tijmen Pronk (PhD Leiden University, 2009) is a linguist specializing in comparative historical linguistics of the Indo-European languages, especially of the Slavic and Baltic branches, as well as in South Slavic dialectology. He has published on historical phonology and morphology and on the lexicon of Indo-European and Balto-Slavic. His interest in the wealth of Slovenian and Croatian dialects concerns both their present day structure, vocabulary and use and the historical developments leading to the present day variety. He is the author of a monograph on the Slovenian dialect spoken in the Gailtal in Austria, one of the authors of the Croatian Etymological Dictionary and editor at the ongoing Indo-European Etymological Dictionary project. He teaches in the BA and MA Linguistics at Leiden University and is organisor of the yearly Dutch Linguistic Olympiad.