Dr. G.J. Kroonen

University Lecturer

Profile summary

Guus Kroonen (PhD Leiden University, 2009) is a Scandinavianist (University of Amsterdam, 2004) and Indo-Europeanist (Leiden University 2004). His early work focuses on the reconstruction of Proto-Germanic, resulting in a dissertation on The Proto-Germanic n-Stems – A study in diachronic Morphophonology (Rodopi, 2011) and his Etymological Dictionary of Proto-Germanic (Brill, 2013). More recently he has started working on the intersection of historical linguistics, archaeology and palaeogenomics, leading multiple projects on the prehistoric movements and contacts of Indo-European subgroups in Europe and Asia. He has taught at the BA and MA programs of (Indo-European Comparative) Linguistics, including courses on Gothic, Old Norse, Middle Welsh, Latin and Indo-European Phonology. In addition to his Leiden affiliation, he is currently also employed as a part-time junior professor of Language & Prehistory at the University of Copenhagen.